October/November 2018 Wrap-up

Wow! What a year it has been so far. Let’s catch up on all things Science :).

The 4th years enjoyed learning about Earth’s structures and resources. We had a great time discussing the rock cycle and different types of rocks, physical and chemical changes, and renewable and non-renewable resources. The students really enjoyed our lab that focused on physical changes and using a microscope for the first time! This class tends to keep me on my toes so I haven’t had a chance to take any photos yet. I promise there will be some in the December post!

The 5th years studied different types of clouds, precipitation, weather patterns, natural disasters, and climate zones. The students have moved on to studying the human body. We have been focusing on the different body systems and are spending lessons focusing on each one. Recently, the students learned every bone in the body and created their own skeletons!

5th year students working on their “Clouds” follow-up work: creating the different clouds with cotton balls and labeling them.

The 5th years had the opportunity to attend Ocean Celebration Day at the Dolphin Research Center in November. The students were exposed to a variety of organizations that focus on protecting animals and our ecosystems within the Florida Keys. It was a very educational day that I hope many students get to experience in the future!

5th year students learning about manatees at Ocean Celebration Day.

The 6th years have been very busy! They created 3D models of the Water Cycle based on a city in Florida that they had focused on during a Science lesson. Also, they are continuing to learn about water quality issues that face Florida. Together, they wrote a letter to Ellen Degeneres in hopes that she would bring more attention to the Florida Bay. The day before Thanksgiving Break, the students shared their knowledge with our school family at flag raising and a bake sale at dismissal. When someone purchased a delicious treat they also received a fact about water quality issues (that were printed on recycled paper!).

The 7th and 8th years finished learning about the history of evolution and species’ adaptations. They are currently focusing on genetics and why we all look the way we do. Around Halloween, we created our own DNA Frankenstein. Each student contributed one of their genetic physical traits to make up the beautiful “creature”. More recently, the students have enjoyed learning about Punnet Squares and pedigrees.

The DNA Frankenstein created by the Early Secondary students using their individual physical traits.

The Gardening occupation in the Early Secondary classroom has been going very well with the help of Mrs. Debbie Clem and the SOS Foundation! We harvested basil and bok choy from our tower garden and enjoyed an afternoon of cooking and eating.

Early Secondary students gardening with Mrs. Debbie!

The 6th, 7th, and 8th year students were offered the opportunity to visit the Studios of Key West and be active participants in the exhibit, Portable Memories in Rising Seas. The exhibit focuses on sea level rise and makes a personal connection between people’s memories and climate change. I highly recommend visiting the exhibit and seeing your child’s artwork on display!

Whew! That was a lot of information! Expect another update before we dismiss for Winter Break :). As always, please email me with any questions or concerns and thank you for reading!


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